Orana, an holistic approach to life

Inside you will cleanse your soul and embrace all that it has to offer


Kirtan is an ancient yogic practice traditionally accompanied with Indian instruments. Weaving together melody, music and mantra as a group. Participants join in by singing or playing an instrument. Rather than being a type of performance its a way of healing and uplifting the individual through sound vibrations. We are asking for a $10 donation at the door that is contributed to ‘Pay it Forward’ yoga classes. Tea and cake afterwards. If you are interested in joining or participating in Kirtan at Orana.

Please contact Margot on 0400 723 476 for more information.


Breathe in the change you will feel when you walk into our centre


Balancing your physical, emotional, mental and social health

At Orana we look for an holistic approach to your wellbeing


Specialising in Dru Yoga, we host classes for all ages and levels. View our Yoga classes on our timetable.


For complete health, wellbeing and balance in your life try kinesiology for healing on all levels.


Close your eyes, relax and breathe. Learn to let go of all the stress in your life. Learn to be mindful for a better you.

Massage Therapy

Specialising in the whole body, we also have an experienced Oncology Massage Therapist which contributes to the quality of life for people living with cancer.