Orana Yoga and Wellbeing Centre offers DRU Yoga and Meditation which aligns the body and mind and also works with modified movements to suit the particular needs of class participants.

Dru Yoga has been designed to suit all body types and individual health needs. It is a really beautiful free-flowing yoga where the hour and a half class include carefully planned movements, breath work and a deep restorative relaxation.

It doesn’t matter how bad your body might be feeling, if you haven’t done yoga before we support everyone through modifications to achieve the best results for their bodies and minds.

Our Teachers

Julie King

Julie is the founder of Orana Yoga & Wellbeing Centre. She has a passion for the wellbeing of all and it is the motivating factor underlying all that she does. She has a deep connection with the World Peace Flame and the education package ‘Peace in Your Hands’. She is also deeply influenced by the ancient Yoga teachings and is currently studying meditation.

Julie’s instructions are clear and simple, always with a focus on keeping her students safe and encouraging them to listen to their own body’s needs and only work at a level appropriate to the individual, at any given time.
Regular yoga, meditation and breath practice has transformed Julie’s life, creating work/life balance and cultivating a new realm of inner peace, strength and serenity.

“I love focusing on moving with steadiness and ease to build strength and flexibility as well as mindful observation of the body and mind. The intention is to always bring body, mind and spirit into harmony.” – Julie

Margot SmithMargot Smith  Margot is one of our Dru Yoga Instructors and also our Meditation Teacher.  With a background studying and working in Health Care, including Mental Health, has sparked a passion to understand how the body can still remember and respond to trauma, even when the mind has “resolved” the issues. Teaching Trauma Sensitive Yoga is very effective for healing past trauma. Margot loves helping others discover through Yoga, Meditation, Nature and simple living a conscious way to thrive and transform into their true self.    essenceofstillness.com

“In learning you will teach and in teaching you will learn” by Phil Collins

“Yoga and Meditation has enhanced my connection on all levels with my family and with nature and has deepened my understanding and relationship with horses, who I learn from everyday. My four beautiful daughters are my teachers for living with deep gratitude for the preciousness of life and wholeheartedly.  I am really just passing on what has worked in my life and my students inspire and teach me about life even more.” – Margot

Rachel Proctor 

Rachel is a highly motivated, vibrant and creative individual with over 20 years experience in massage, natural therapies, nutrition, pilates and dance. This background in health and healing led her to Dru Yoga Teacher Training; the perfect vocation to compliment her existing practice and passion for assisting people towards optimum wellbeing with a holistic approach. Rachel has been teaching yoga to children, adolescents and adults in Albury/Wodonga and surrounding areas since 2010.

Zoe Mason 

Zoe Mason

Since commencing Dru Yoga Teacher Training in Canberra in 2013, yoga has become a critical and crucial part of her life. Originally drawn to yoga as a form of exercise that might help with her headaches and managing stress levels, it was the mental quietness and physical vibrancy that she felt during and after class, that kept her coming back for more!

Zoe also loves the immediate success achieved in a Dru class- the way it includes health considerations

Zoe has gone on to complete the Dru Yoga Post-Graduate Mastery course and is qualified to teach kids and teens yoga, back-care classes, wellbeing classes, and has taught on Dru Yoga Teacher Training courses.

Since incorporating yoga into my world I’ve see Dru work its magic in every aspect of my life – my relationships with my family, with my friends and most profoundly with myself. I’m enthusiastic about sharing the benefits of Dru yoga and aim to provide nourishing classes which stretch your body, relax your mind, and contain moments of pure internal stillness and peace. – Zoe

Cindy Kelly

Cindy KellyCindy is a Dru yoga teacher whose journey with mind/ body connection started in the early 80’s when she began attending yoga classes with her Mum. Cindy has also completed; post graduate mastery studies with a focus on the energy system, trauma sensitive yoga training, extensive enneagram (personality psychology) training, an Ayurveda lifestyle course and completed a Diploma in Ayurveda massage therapies.

Cindy has a lengthy background in massage therapy and operates her business –
Replenish Yoga & Ayurveda Massage Therapies from Orana Yoga & Wellbeing Centre five days a week.

Ayurveda is often referred to as the Mother of all healing & places a large emphasis on prevention of illness and disease while encouraging maintenance of health through various pathways.

These include:

  • DIET to balance the Doshas
  • BODY THERAPIES specialising in abhyanga warm Massage, Shirodhara warm oil forehead therapy and Ayurveda facials
  • LIFESTYLE CHANGES (Dinacharya/Routine)

The combination of regular yoga/meditation, a regular daily routine, balanced eating for the season and body type (Doshas) and regular body therapies can be the perfect way to bring the whole system mind/body/spirit into a naturally balanced state.

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