Kinesiology with Natasha Jackman 

Healing on All Levels

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Kinesiology is a wholistic healing therapy, using muscle feedback and body awareness, acupressure points and meridian energy systems to activate the healing processes of mind and body.

Kinesiology can help by identifying the cause of a condition or issue, to reduce stress and pain, improve performance at school, work and home, in sports, in relationships, and promotes health and wellbeing and is suitable for all ages.

Kinesiology May Help With:

ADD / ADHD                                   Learning Difficulties

Low Self-Esteem                             Muscular / Postural Problems

Nervous Disorders                          Panic Attacks

Personal Development                   Phobias

Relationship Difficulties                Sport Performance / injuries

Anxiety                                              Allergies and Immune challenges

Behaviour Disorders                      Co-ordination Difficulties

Compulsive Behaviours                 Depression

Digestive Disorders                        Dyslexia

Exam Preparation                           Fatigue & Tiredness

Insomnia                                           STRESS